10 Random Tidbits 2.26.15

Tidbit 1:  I’m starting to love these tidbit posts.  They’re a great way for me to dump all of my random thoughts without trying to come up with a catchy, cohesive story.

Tidbit 2:  This morning we woke up to another {thin} blanket of snow.  I loved snow days as a kid because I didn’t have to go to school.  I loved snow days as a teacher because I didn’t have to go to work.  And now I love snow days as a mom because Little Miss is completely enamored by the magical white fluff.  She could watch it fall all day.

Tidbit 3:  I can’t remember the last time I made a smoothie and to be honest, the last few times we used our blender was to make milkshakes and margaritas {not at the same time}.  But after clicking on all of the links in this article, 9 High-Protein Smoothies That Taste Like a Milkshake, I feel the need to buy all of the ingredients to make all of the smoothies.  ASAP.

oreo milkshake 4 edit


Tidbit 4:  I mentioned last week that we’ve started to look at houses.  I’ve watched House Hunters for years and always got a good laugh at the buyers with the unrealistic list of expectations…  But I’ve realized that I am that person, too.

Tidbit 5:  I’ve also realized that an ugly kitchen is a deal-breaker.  The house could have {almost} everything on our list, but if the kitchen needs a lot of TLC I’m moving onto the next property.  Kitchens are wicked expensive to remodel and I really don’t want to live through months of construction without a working kitchen, especially with an infant.

Tidbit 6:  I tried a LUNA Protein Lemon Vanilla bar for the first time yesterday and I’ll give it a thumbs up…  Unlike the chips I ate yesterday which get two thumbs down.  The Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and Chocolate Peanut Butter are still my favorite flavors because they remind me of a candy bar without the guilt.

Screen Shot 2015-02-26 at 6.11.26 PM


Tidbit 7:  I popped a few potatoes into the oven for dinner and between feeding Little Miss, cleaning up her lunch mess, a dog that needed to go outside, and making lunch for myself, I totally forgot about them.  Thank goodness sweet potatoes smell so delicious when they’re roasting, otherwise there’s a good chance that I would have forgotten them until dinner.

Tidbit 8:  I’ve been doing an awesome job with sticking to my half marathon training plan this week, today being an exception.  Little Miss refused to nap so I wore her in the carrier for the majority of the day so today’s run is being pushed to tomorrow.  Maybe I’ll sneak it in before she even wakes up…  That’s ambitious.

Tidbit 9:  Ryan and I are hosting a St. Patty’s Day Potluck where everyone is asked to bring a dish and their favorite 6-pack of beer to share.  What’s your favorite Irish-inspired dish?



Tidbit 10:  Do you like Life’s a Bowl on Facebook?  If you don’t already, make sure you head over now and “Like” it.  Yesterday I shared some exciting news {notice the new badge on the sidebar?} and there might be a giveaway exclusively on Facebook in the near future.  Wink, wink.

— Allison


10 Random Tidbits 2.17.15

Tidbit 1:  We were forecasted to receive 5 – 8 inches of snow overnight, but we woke up this morning to see no more than 4 inches.  Bummer.  If any of you New Englanders want to send us some of the 7+ feet y’all have received we’d gladly take it off your hands!

Tidbit 2:  We all watched Ryan shovel the front walk this morning before he went to work.  Little Miss is in awe of the snow – it’s precious.


Tidbit 3:  Did you catch Sunday’s post?  It’s one that you don’t wanna miss – a tasty {no bake} recipe and a delicious giveaway.  The giveaway is open to US residents and the winner will be announced on Thursday.

Tidbit 4:  The flowers Ryan gave me for Valentine’s Day are blooming beautifully.  I especially love lilies.  And peonies.  And tulips.


Tidbit 5:  Saturday morning Ryan and I went to a Stroller Strides partners class in honor of Valentine’s Day.  It was a lot of fun having all of the spouses join and complete the exercises with us!  By the end of the day Ryan felt the burn from all of the squats and asked me why we still have a gym membership, ha!

Tidbit 6:  I may not be the best baker, but I can read directions on the side of a box.  This devil’s food cake with whipped vanilla frosting and dark chocolate hearts didn’t disappoint.


Tidbit 7:  My goal this week is to get Little Miss to nap in her bassinet.  She loves movement so she naps great in her car seat and carrier, but getting her to nap at home {without wearing her} has been a challenge.  She’s a deep sleeper at night, but a light napper during the day.

Tidbit 8:  On Sunday we took a drive through the mountains and followed the Potomac River into Maryland.  Ryan and I started taking day trips when he visited me at school in Boston and I’m glad we’ve kept them going.  We’ve mapped out a handful of trips we hope to take this spring!


Tidbit 9:  Every time I import pictures into iPhoto I end up with duplicates.  I’ve read online that it could have to do with my iCloud settings, but I have iCloud turned off.  Help?!

Tidbit 10:  I planned to share how I’ve been making the greatest boiled eggs the past few weeks, but it appears that my tricks aren’t so original.  How to Make the Perfect Boiled Egg, Every Time, Every Way by Greatest sums it up perfectly.

Question:  Did you celebrate Valentine’s Day?  We celebrated, but kept it low-key.  We exchanged gifts Friday night {because it’s hard to hide a cake} and Saturday we went to the Stroller Strides partners class and dinner + a movie at home.

Question:  Do you have any secret tips to make the greatest boiled eggs?

— Allison


10 Random Tidbits 12.31.14

Good morning, y’all!  It’s New Year’s Eve – how are you feeling?  Excited about what the new year may bring?  Overwhelmed by the fact that you don’t even remember the resolution{s} you made last year?  Stressed about making new resolutions for 2015?  It’s all over the news, online, and social media.  But that’s not what we’re discussing today, maybe tomorrow.  Today I’m scatterbrained.

Tidbit 1:  Over the past few weeks we’ve settled into a bedtime routine that seems to be working for all of us.  We typically start around 6:30PM and are ready for bed by 8PM.

Tidbit 2:  An 8PM bedtime makes a 4AM wake-up much more enjoyable.  A happy, babbling baby and coffee also helps.

Morning Coffee

Tidbit 3:  Last Friday I took a class called “Club Mashup.”  It was the hardest class I’ve ever done – we didn’t stop moving the entire 60 minutes.  Even though my legs ached through Monday, I’m hoping to make it a weekly occurrence.

“A fun and creative cardio and strength interval style class designed for a full body workout.”

Tidbit 4:  For Christmas Ryan gave me a gift card to our local running store.  I used it to purchase a new pair of running shoes – the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15.  I’ve run in the Adrenalines for years and love them.  Plus, they’re pink.  Really pink.

Brooks Adrenaline 15

Tidbit 5:  I’m registered to run Boston’s Run to Remember in May as my first postpartum half marathon…  But Monday night I outlined a training program with the hopes of running the Rock ‘n’ Roll USA Half Marathon in March.  It would be the third year in a row if I run, but I’m leaving it up to my body to make the ultimate decision.

Tidbit 6:  Every day since we brought our little bundle of joy home, I’ve eaten at least one large bowl of oatmeal.  Fun fact: oatmeal is thought to help with lactation.  And with all that oatmeal, I’ve consumed many, many heaping spoonfuls of peanut butter.


Tidbit 7:  I’m way overdue with updating this little part of the internet.  In the past I’ve had help from a web developer, but this time I’m trying to avoid the hefty fees.  I have no problem with the back-up component, but I’m nervous that I’ll lose all of my customizations.  If things look a little funky, you now know why.

Tidbit 8:  We’ve seen hardly any snow this winter.  I know winter theoretically just started and I’m in the minority when I say it, but I’d like some snow!  Everything looks so beautiful dressed in white.  According to The Farmer’s Almanac, we’re supposed to have a snowy winter…


Tidbit 9:  Last night I got a haircut with a new stylist after a recommendation from a friend.  I’m trying to grow my hair out so she just trimmed the length, added long layers, and brought back the side swept bangs.  On my way out I made an appointment for March to try something new – balayage.  Have you heard of it?  This article gives a good summary.

Tidbit 10:  The likelihood that I’ll stay up until midnight to see the ball drop tonight is less than 1%.  There’s a better chance that I’ll check out the New Year’s Eve countdown on Netflix after dinner with my momma and brother.  It’s an on-demand countdown that parents can stream at any time.


Have a happy and safe New Year’s Eve!

— Allison