Thinking Out Loud: OMG Tuna Fish Salad

1.  It seems like every time my local barista memorizes my drink order, it’s time for us to move.  I love walking up to the counter and having my drink already made, waiting for me.

2.  Speaking of coffee – are all people that work at coffee shops called baristas or is that just at Starbucks?

3.  This week my students are so happy because I added CHARMS candies to the prize box.  They describe them as a mix between Light Sabers {aka Life Savers} and Starburst.  The red ones are supposedly the best, the white are the worst.

4.  At 7AM on Saturday morning I’ll be anxiously waiting at the starting line of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon – my first half marathon of 2014!  I still haven’t written my race recap of the Reston 10 Miler…

5.  For Lent I gave up candy and soda, specifically gum and Diet Hansen’s {Cherry Vanilla Crème}.  I’m addicted.  I was going strong until Tuesday when I decided to make an exception for dark chocolate because, well, it’s basically a health food.  Read more about why including dark chocolate in your daily diet can actually be beneficial here.


6.  I’ve outlined three posts this week a – a recap of the Reston 10 Miler, a weekend recap for MIMM, and a handful of food pictures for WIAW…  But they’re still just drafts because I either fell asleep asleep with my computer on my lap or had to run out the door to a meeting before school and I didn’t have time to finish later.  Hopefully I step-up my game next week.

7.  I’ve had a serious hankering for tuna fish this week.  I packed it for lunch on Monday, again on Tuesday, made a tuna melt for dinner Tuesday night, and made another wrap for lunch yesterday.  All because I learned a little secret…  Tuna fish + hummus is a life changing combo.  With every bite I repeatedly said {to myself} “OMG.  This is so good!  OMG!  OMG!” so I’m calling it OMG Tuna Fish Salad.

OMG Tuna Fish Salad

OMG Tuna Fish Salad

Ingredients {serves 1}:

  • 1 small can of tuna fish
  • 2 tbsp hummus
  • 1 tsp honey mustard
  • 1/4 c shredded mozzarella cheese
  • 1 – 2 tbsp sundried tomatoes
  • seasoned salt *to taste*
  • black pepper *to taste*


In a medium bowl, flake the tuna into chunks.  Add the remaining ingredients and mix well.  Refrigerate if not eating right away.

8.  Runner’s World is “running” {so punny!} a sweepstakes with Iceland Naturally.  One lucky winner will receive the following:

  • Economy round-trip air on Icelandair for 2 people
  • 3 nights accommodation in Reykjavik at Hotel Nordica for 2 with Scandinavian buffet breakfast daily
  • 2 72 hour Reykjavik Welcome Cards providing free access to the City of Reykjavik world famous thermal pools, museums and public transportation
  • 2 entries to the Reykjavik Marathon
  • 2 roundtrip bus transfer from the airport to the hotel
  • 1 case of Icelandic Glacial water for your hotel room
  • 2 Experience Comfort entries to the Blue Lagoon Spa
  • 2 award winning Snaefell jackets

To enter, visit this website and enter the requested information.  The contest will remain open until April 1st.

9.  Have you seen these Portable Protein Packs from Oscar Mayer {aka the adult Lunchable}?

Portable Protein Pack

10.  After my students finish their classwork or a quiz, I let them “play” with math flashcards to keep quiet until everyone is done.  On Monday one student started singing “Everyday I’m shuffling.  Everyday I’m shuffling.  Everyday I’m shuffling.” while shuffling his flashcards.  And then the other students joined in.  It was hilarious!


Thanks Amanda for hosting another link-up!

Question:  Tuna fish – yay or nay?  Tuna fish out of a can is a yay {obviously}, but the raw stuff is a nay for me.

Question:  If you could drop everything and go anywhere in the world right now, where would you go?

— Allison


Just Move It! {Guest Post}

Hi LAB readers!  I’m Amber, lover of peanut butter and anything pink!  A diagnosis of severe IBS and celiac disease doesn’t hold me back from enjoying food that’s delicious and nutritious, which is why I started my blog Eats and Exercise by AmberOn my blog I show that people with dietary limitations can still eat deliciously with a little creativity!  In addition to my love of food and fitness, I’m passionate about the promotion of positive body image.  I believe in order to be healthy you must first be happy, which comes from self love.  I hope that you enjoy my post today!

You’re sitting at your desk, whether it be at work or home, and you feel completely drained.  As if sitting at your computer or even standing for the duration of your work day was equivalent to an intense sweat session at the gym.  This happens to me all the time and I am left feeling lethargic and unmotivated – both my brain and my body.  This is especially true in the wintertime because the weather and lack of sunshine can leave you feeling rather sluggish!

The cure to combat this fatigue (also known as the mid-day slump)?  GET UP, STRETCH, AND MOVE!  Whether you want to or not, I promise it will work AND is good for you!



Move It



Known as NEAT, Non-Exercise Activity Thermogenesis, a fancy term for the calories burned through non-exercise activities such as walking, taking the stairs, or standing while on the phone as opposed to sitting.  Current research at the Mayo Clinic has found that by simply getting off your butt and moving around more, you can burn up to an additional 800 calories a day!  Extra calorie burn is great, but the real benefit is that you’re saving your life by simply getting up and moving.

Results from studies done by the American Cancer Society showed that sitting for extended periods of time can shorten your life, even if you exercise!  EEK!  Scary right?  Even more motivation to get off your butt and get moving whenever you can throughout the day!  Read more about the study here or this CNN published article which is a bit easier to understand.

GET UP!  Close your eye, take a few deep breaths, raise your arms on the inhale, and lower them on the exhale.  Feel awkward doing this in front of your coworkers or peers?  Then (as silly as it sounds) try it out the next time you use to the restroom.  It’s amazing how much of a difference some deep breathing can make – it wakes up your brain!  Plus, you’ll get in some extra movement when you walk to the bathroom.

Got time and room for a little something extra?  STRETCH!  Stretching feels good and sends blood flow to your brain and muscles.  It also helps your body to wake up!  When I’m walking up and down the stairs at school, I always do a quick hamstring stretch on my way up (if the hallways are empty).  And if you’ve been sitting at your desk all day, it’s especially important to remember to stretch your shoulders and neck.

Most importantly, MOVE!  Move as much as you can.  Here are a few suggestions, but I encourage you to get creative because the possibilities are endless.

  • Opt to take the stairs instead of the elevator and/or escalator
  • Use a copier, water fountain, or restroom, that’s farther away from your desk
  • Take a lap around the office or school before stopping by the break room or bathroom
  • Park your car farther away from the entrance
  • Sneak in some squats
  • Stand instead of sitting while talking on the phone
  • Do calf raises or leg raises while waiting for copies to print
  • Have a 60 second dance party

Warning:  All of this movement may cause increased happiness and infect those around you!


Thanks Amber for taking the time to guest post and sharing this important information!  As a teacher, I spend a majority of my day on my feet, but when I worked in the event industry I spent most of the day sitting at a desk.  I frequently went for a walk during my lunch break, but didn’t move much otherwise – when there’s work to be done I want to get it done as quickly as possible!  Taking the stairs rather than the elevator, using a bathroom/water fountain on another floor, or going for a walk during your lunch break are all small things but they quickly add up!

Question:  What’s your favorite way to move during the work day?

Question:  Do you use a sitting or standing desk?

— Allison


Meant to Be in Music {Guest Post}

Hi Everyone!  I’m Katie and I blog over at Talk Less, Say More where I share my journey through life via healthy-living and music.  Yes, music.  I’m so excited that Allison invited me to take over her corner of the internet so I can share my story.  I figured since she’s keeping busy with her jobs, it would be a fun opportunity to share my journey about finding my dream career.

I grew up always knowing that I wanted to work in music.  I didn’t know in what capacity, but I knew that my connection to music was so strong that it was what I was meant to do.  I graduated from Berklee College of Music with a degree in Music Business/Management and made my way from Boston to New York, optimistic that everyone would want to hire me.  Anyone who has ever job hunted knows the ridiculousness of that statement ;)

The two years that I spent in New York helped me to realize that if I didn’t take matters into my own hands, I may never get my “big break”…  But then it happened.  An intern from a company I formerly worked for contacted me, seeing if I was interested in a manger position for his band.  Soon after we talked I told him that I’d attend one of their shows but didn’t know what to expect.  At the end of the night once they finished playing I told my friend that we needed to schedule a meeting for tomorrow.  Believe it or not, this band is what everyone now knows as The Lumineers.

old lumis
During my time with the band, I left New York for LA – the band also left NY for Denver and changed their name to The Lumineers.  My hopes were that LA would provide me with more opportunities and the chance to help the band move forward.  I started working at a management company but ended up leaving after a year and a half to give more attention to the band and began working part-time at Apple.

A few months later, the band signed with new (and their current) management.  Deep down I knew that this wouldn’t have been possible without all of my hard work over the past few years.  I was also sure that this was the end of my career in the music industry…  So I began researching a career in another passion of mine, fitness.

Over a year and a half ago I moved back to Chicago.  I studied for my personal training certification with NASM, passed the exam, and was offered a position with one of the top gyms in the area within a week.  It was a great opportunity, but my gut was telling me that something wasn’t right so I turned it down.  It took me several more interviews to realize that it wasn’t the company, it was the career in fitness that wasn’t for me.  I realized that I’m meant to work in the music industry.  I’ve always known it and so has everyone around me.

In February of 2013, I began to reach out to former contacts and after months (upon months, upon months) of job searching and patience, I was offered my dream job with an incredible company!  Sometimes I feel like I need to pinch myself to remind myself that this in fact is real.  Everything feels so right and I’m incredibly happy!

Moral of the story?  Your dream job is out there.  Stay patient, keep working hard, and I know that you’ll find it!

Thank you again to Allison for letting me take over her blog today and share my story.  I’d love to hear your stories too, so please feel free to pop on over to my blog and say hello!


Thanks so much for sharing your story, Katie!  From personal experience, I know how overwhelming and stressful it can be to switch jobs {and then ultimately switch back!}.  What kept me going through all of the ups and downs was an optimistic attitude and believing that everything WILL work itself out.  Life has a funny way of happening…  For example, I went from working part-time as a substitute teacher to working three jobs within a matter of a week.  The month or so has been exhausting, but I feel so blessed for all of the opportunities that have been provided to me.  I wouldn’t change anything!

Question:  What was your childhood dream job?

Question:  What was your major in college? 

— Allison