WIAW: Mishmash Mishmosh

Hey y’all!  I’m at my second day of training for a new reading program that I’ll be implementing this year.  It’s MUCH better than any of the programs I ever did as a kid.  Does anyone remember Wordly Wise?  I hated it {because language arts has never been an area of strength for me} and I’m pretty sure my momma did too {because I’d complain every.single.night. I had to do it}.

Lately, I’ve spent almost all of my waking hours at school.  The first couple of months always fly by and before I know it, it’s Thanksgiving break.  By that time this year Baby Szed *hopefully* will have made her appearance!

And if I’m not at school, I’m probably fixing/painting something in our Crayola box townhouse.  We keep making progress, but we also keep running into problems.  Like this week…  Ryan noticed water marks and bubbles forming on the ceiling over our dining/family room.

Our landlord told us during our walk-through that there had been water damage in the past, but it was fixed.  Well, apparently it wasn’t fixed very well.  So now we’re out of the master bedroom for at least a couple of weeks and a chunk of the ceiling downstairs will have to be replaced.  All I can keep saying is “At least we didn’t buy this place.”

I forgot to take a picture of all of my eats at training yesterday, so today’s WIAW is a mishmash {or is it mishmosh?} of the past few days.

Thanks Jenn for hosting another tasty link-up!








Question:  What’s your favorite brand of Greek yogurt?  Favorite flavor?

Question:  Subway – yay or nay?

— Allison


WIAW: A Few Current Favorites

Hey y’all.  I’ve been beaming all day because today is our 2 year wedding anniversary and I’m still so in love.  Ryan surprised me last night with news that he has a special date planned for us this weekend – visiting our wedding venue {Meadowlark Botanical Gardens} followed by an intimate Italian dinner.  For our first anniversary, we walked around the gardens and went to Legal Sea Foods for dinner.  It was lovely.  I can’t wait for Saturday!


“A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

~ Mignon McLaughlin

I’ve been meaning to do a “current favorites” post, but haven’t gotten around to it.  So, in honor of today’s WIAW theme, I’ve included links to some of my current favorite foods.  FYI:  they are not affiliate links and I receive no compensation if you click on the links.  I included them to save y’all time so you don’t have to Google the products yourselves.

Thanks Jenn for hosting another tasty link-up!


Applegate Farms Breakfast Sausages & Van’s Waffles make for a quick, tasty breakfast



Dannon Oikos Key Lime Greek Yogurt is super thick & creamy



the {NEW!} popchips veggie chips are just as delicious as their potato friends


Blue Diamond Honey Roasted Almonds taste like candy


the Dark Chocolate Caramel Pecan ZonePerfect Nutrition Bar is veryyy chocolatey


I like my {Alexia Smart Classic} fries just like how I like my bacon, extra crispy


Entenmann’s makes the best {besides my momma} Crumb Coffee Cake

Question:  What’s your favorite flavor of Blue Diamond Almonds?

Question:  How do you like your fries?  And bacon?

— Allison


Technological Armageddon {Survey}

Goood morninggg!  It’s the first day of school and I have a laundry list of things to do before the kiddos arrive this morning, so I’m shooting to be out the door by 6:30AM.  Ooomph.  At least I have plenty of adrenaline to keep me going ;)   Fingers crossed everything goes smoothly.

A {long} while ago, Lindsay from a runnaroundd life posted about losing everything on her phone, except her contacts.  I’ve had my own fair share of technological blunders, the most memorable one happening when I was in college.

It was pouring rain and the wind was whipping.  I was walking to class while talking to Ryan on the phone.  When I got to the building, I reached to open the door while I simultaneously held my umbrella, tried not to drop my {over the shoulder} bag, and sandwiched my phone between my shoulder and ear…  As soon as I extended my arm a gust of wind flipped my umbrella inside out, my bag slid down my arm, and my phone crashed to the ground.

It was like life was in slow motion.  I saw my phone falling but I didn’t have a free hand to catch it.  Despite having a case and screen protector, the screen shattered into thousands of little pieces.  And so did my heart when I had to fork over ooodles of money to Apple for a new one.



1.  When did you get your first cell phone, and what kind was it?

Middle school, which was around 2001 – 2002.  I was young, but my brother was in and out of the hospital so having a cell phone to coordinate who was picking me up from school/bringing me to practice/etc. made life a little easier for my parents.

The phone was similar in size to one of today’s cordless house phones and had a red faceplate so we nicknamed it “the red brick.”  And it was a Nokia walkie-talkie phone…  None of my friends had a phone at the time, or if they did it was one of the super chic Razor flip phones, so the only people who “beeped” me were my parents.  I was mortified.

2.  If your iPhone {or other alien cell phone that’s not an iPhone} crashed and you could only save ONE app, what would it be?

iMessage.  Or Instagram.

3.  What social media account are you on the most? {Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.}

InstagramFacebook would be second, Twitter third, and then Pinterest rounds out the list.

4.  Are you a Vine user?


5.  How did you choose your Instagram account name?

My Instagram {and Twitter} handle is the name of my blog, minus the punctuation.

6.  What photo-editing apps do you use the most?

VSCO Cam, Rhonna Designs, and A Beautiful Mess.  I used to use Picfx a bunch, but now prefer VSCO Cam.  And I downloaded Snapseed a while ago, but I haven’t played around with it yet.



7.  What email platform do you use the most?

Gmail for personal/blog, Microsoft Outlook for work.  Whenever I see someone with an AOL address I hear the dial tone in my head…  “Welcome!  You’ve got mail.”

8.  What do you wish your phone could do that it can’t do right now?

Have an unlimited battery.  I’m the worst at remembering to charge my phone.  If it weren’t for Ryan {who remembers to charge it for me}, it probably would be dead 6 out of the 7 days of the week.

9.  Do you read the news on your phone?  What apps do you use for that?

I have the CNN and NBC News apps, but never use them.

10.  Have you ever forfeited bringing a camera somewhere in favor of your phone?

Yup.  Even though we don’t get service, I prefer to carry my cell with me on cruises.  It’s easier to carry, I can set reminders so we don’t miss out on any of the fun events, it’s quicker to flip off the flash during performances, and I can play games if I’m relaxing by the pool.

11.  Are you reading this from a phone right now?


12.  Has your phone ever crashed and prompted a completely pointless blog post?

Nope, but someone else’s has  {*cough Lindsay*} which prompted me to complete this survey.

Question:  When did you get your first cell phone?

Question:  Do you have a smartphone or an old school flip phone?

— Allison