He’s Turning 30!

Happy, happy birthday Ryan :)

I hope your 10th annual 20th birthday is an absolute blast!

I hope the year ahead is full of adventures, fun, love, and prosperity. 

I love calling you my best friend, my Dear, and my husband. 

I love you! XOXO

“Think for a minute about what makes you fabulous and how you can celebrate it.”

~Laura Mercier

— Allison


Season Premieres & Birthday Plans

Last night was the season premiere of Modern Family!  It’s probably one of the only shows that Ryan and I consider “our” show…  Meaning that “my” shows include Real Housewives, Beverly Hills Nannies, or the Food Network and “his” shows include Seinfeld, Modern Marvels, or football.


Despite having two gigantic TVs [boys will be boys] and different tastes, we have come to an agreement.  Since I fall asleep by 9:30PM, I get to watch my shows first and then Ryan gets to watch his shows.  It works for us and it’s nice to spend time with each other after a day at work…  We’re learning the rules of compromise 😛


Last night was also my birthday eve.  In my mind, birthdays are not just one day, they’re month-long celebrations!  That does not mean I am a princess for 27 days [only 1 day, the 27th], but it does mean that I start counting down as soon as the calendar says September 1st.  Ironically, Modern Family last night featured a birthday!  They’re obviously aware that September is one of the best times of the year [second only to December, aka Christmas]!


Today has gotten off to a great start and it’s only going to get better…

  • I woke up before the sunrise for an early morning sweat session [I really need to get back into a morning workout routine]
  • I made a hearty, fall flavored breakfast which featured a chocolate pumpkin English muffin [chocolate + pumpkin is an awesome combo]
  • Charlie went to his first day of doggie day camp and passed their temperament test [phew]
  • I have received an overwhelming number of birthday wishes from family and friends [thank you all very much!!!]
  • Tonight Ryan, my momma, and I plan to indulge in burritos and sweet treats [holy yum, I feel a food baby already forming inside of my tummy]
  • Anddd the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere is tonight [oh em gee, last season’s finale left me a bit unhappy but also very curious]

Today’s big question…  What type of dessert shall we have tonight?

Something intense and rich, chocolate?

[as seen on: foodess]

Something airy and light, fruity?

[as seen on: Annie’s eats]

Or something classic and simple, vanilla?

[as seen on: The Answer Is Cake]

What about a little of each?!



Question:  Do you watch Modern Family?  Grey’s Anatomy?  What’s your favorite show this season?

Question:  What’s your favorite birthday cake flavor?  Do you have the same flavor/ style every year?

— Life's a Bowl


Feeling Freaking Fabulous

If only it was Friday, I could say “It’s been a freaking fabulous Friday”- talk about a tongue twister!  I don’t know if it’s the brisk chilly weather I woke up to, or because I wore my sweet new sneakers to work, or the tasty hummus and vegetable wrap I packed for lunch, but I have been feeling freaking fabulous all day!  And I’ve also been going at hyper-speed all day.  I swear, my coffee was decaf this morning…


Fabulous #1:  I made pizzadillas last night for dinner [think: pizza meets quesadilla]…

Served up with a small salad, a few veggies, and a bowl of Campbell’s Select Harvest Light Italian-Style Vegetable Soup.

whole wheat tortillas

Alouette Light Spinach Artichoke Spreadable Cheese

shredded mozzarella cheese

turkey pepperoni


tomato sauce on the side for dipping [Classico’s Tomato and Basil is a family fave]

***Katie over at Dashing Dish shared a similar recipe yesterday that reminded me of my pizzadillas!***

Fabulous #2:  Today is my half-birthday and I’m a whopping 2_ 1/2-years-old 😉  I’ll let y’all guess how old I am…  Hint: I graduated from college last year.  I am a huge fan of birthdays and think birthdays should last a whole month!  If anyone wants to bake me something, I’d love one of these beauties…


Fabulous #3:  A mom of one of my lovely students offered me two tickets to the Caps game next week [their last home game]!  This is the same mom that gave me tickets to the Caps vs. Bruins game for Christmas AND is bringing me lunch on Thursday, just because she wants to [too nice].

Fabulous #4:  On my way into work this morning I was listening to the radio and heard that tonight is the mega millions drawing…  So guess what, Ryan and I are buying a lottery ticket!  This is my first time buying a lottery ticket [not counting those scratch and win tickets] and I’m feeling lucky…  180 MILLION DOLLARS after taxes, I think that’ll do!


Fabulous #5:  The headache that I had Sunday afternoon and all day yesterday was gone when I woke up this morning AND my insides don’t feel like they’re doing somersaults inside of me…  Healthy = happy!

Fabulous #6:  I spent my lunch break stumbling around Pinterest and scrolling through emails and found a fabulous article on Shape.com with the “25 Most Deceiving Exercises.”  I definitely want to incorporate more of these moves into my routine but first, can someone please explain to me the proper way to do a burpee?!


Fabulous #7:  Our STDs [save the dates, I don’t want to know what you were thinking] arrived this afternoon!  My momma, a family friend, and I are planning to have a girls date to address them all- in reality, I’ll be cooking and they’ll be writing…

Fabulous #8:  I realized yesterday when I was at the gym that the picture of the sneakers I shared yesterday are actually not the shoes that I bought.  Both pairs are cute IMO, but I like the neon pink on mine more…  But that’s not to say I wouldn’t mind having both pairs [heyyy Nike] 😛

Fabulous #9:  Ryan is joining me at the gym tonight and we have one goal: to turn our mush into muscles!


Fabulous #10:  I used up the last of the PB this morning so guess what’s for breakfast tomorrow…  OIAJ!  Yes, I’m already psyched about tomorrow’s breakfast :)

Daily Memorable Moments

March 26:  It was a super productive day at school and home, exactly how it needs to be for the next couple of weeks.

March 27:  It has been an all-around a freaking fabulous day!

Question:  What makes you feel freaking fabulous?

Question:  Have you ever won anything?  Money?  Lots of money?  The lottery?!

— Life's a Bowl