Thinking Out Loud: Three Calendars

Thought #1:  This is a must read –>  The 20 Important Facts Dog Lovers Must Never Forget.  All of the pictures will make your heart melt.

Dog and Little Girl

Thought #2:  I wanna find a cute {preferably low/open back and neon} chevron dress this spring.  Dress it up with a pair of wedges or keep it simple with a pair of flip flops.  I can feel the warm weather just thinking about it.

Chevron Dress

Thought #3:  This has been my ringtone for the past couple of months.  I definitely send/receive more text messages than phone calls, but I always love hearing the my phone ring!


Thought #4:  A bagel slathered with Greek Cream Cheese, sliced strawberries, and a drizzle of honey has been my favorite {repeated} breakfast this week.

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Thought #5:  An ad for Gluten Cutter appeared on my Facebook sidebar Tuesday night.  The website claims that it “is a digestive aid exclusively formulated with… plant based enzymes that specifically target and break down gluten as well as other hard-to-digest foods into simpler forms that your body can digest.”  Thanks, but no thanks.

Gluten Cutter
Thought #6:  Life is crazy busy.  I have no complaints {I’m loving it all}, but there’s a lot going on.  Teaching full-time, tutoring twice a week, working at PRR, studying for the elementary ed licensure exams, training for spring races, and somehow maintaining a social life.  Thankfully, I’ve got a handful of awesome guest posts and a few fun giveaways scheduled!


Thought #7:  Speaking of work…  Working at a running store has its perks.  I’m OBSESSED.

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Thought #8:  I’m currently using not one, not two, but THREE planners.  One is for school, one is for my personal life, and then I also use the calendar on my computer/phone.  I really should merge them all into one, but I’d rather not see “Art Enrichment” or “Science Lab” on my personal planner and there’s no need to know my workout schedule during the school day.

Organized Someecard

Thought #9:  I planned to review the Sunshine Burgers that I received {courtesy of Fit Approach – thanks!}, but my schedule postponed those plans.  I’ll definitely share my thoughts soon.  What I will say is that they didn’t disappoint.  Although, some of the flavor combos were…  Interesting?!


Thought #10:  Grey’s Anatomy AND Scandal return next Thursday.  Thank goodness for DVRs, otherwise I’d miss all of my favorite shows since they’re scheduled for after my bedtime…  I should consider moving to a state in the Central Time Zone.



Thanks Amanda for hosting another link-up!

Question:  What’s your favorite veggie burger?  Have you ever tried a bison burger?

Question:  Who’s your favorite character on Grey’s Anatomy?

— Allison


Rambles 10.18.12

There’s no logical flow to today’s rambles so I think a list would be best [in no particular order]:

Waffle Stack Creations:  The past few mornings I’ve veered away from pancakes and have enjoyed a stack of the very convenient [and very tasty] Van’s frozen waffles.  It’s easy-peasy…  I simply pop them into our toaster oven and when the bell dings I add whatever topping my heart desires.

Chocolate Cherry Coconut: chocolate PB2 + frozen cherries +unsweetened shredded coconut

Almond Joy: chocolate PB2 + almond slices + unsweetened shredded coconut

*a drizzle of maple syrup would be great but we were out*

Fall Family Walks:  Yesterday was a rest day for me and I couldn’t have been happier because the weather was absolutely bea-uuu-tiful!  I wish the leaves would stay all these different shades of yellow, orange, and red all year!  Ryan and I took Charlie for a walk and wandered down a new trail where we found a little dock.  Charlie is the biggest pansy when it comes to water…  He won’t go near it, his nails come out and he plants his paws into the ground [oye vey]!

Talking to Siri:  I have zero, zilch, nada clue how to talk to Siri!  I accidentally double clicked on the home button this morning and before I knew it she was asking me what she could help me with!  I wonder if she could have written this whole post for me?  Could she help with my laundry?

Crock Pot Cooking:  Every time I use our crock pot I love it.  What’s not to love about one-pot cooking?  You dump everything in, let it do its thing, and within hours your house smells amazing and your creation is ready!  This weekend I think I’ll make another batch of cinnamon applesauce [since it was gone within 2 days], as well as one of these recipes and Lindsay’s lentil lasagna!

Remembering My Medicines:  I am the worst at remembering to take my medicine.  I swear, I think I need a tattoo stamped on the back of my hand to remember!  I’ve tried pill cases in the past but no luck.  I think I’ll put a note on the fridge tonight…

Parmesan Cheese:  I picked up a little tub of the stuff over the weekend at Wegmans and I cannot stop sprinkling it on everything!  From breakfast eggs to last night’s pasta dinner in honor of National Pasta Day…  A small sprinkle packs such a big punch of flavor!

*roasted artichokes + roasted bell pepper slices + a dab of Earth Balance + fun fall shaped pasta + parm cheese + garlic seasoning blend*

New Camera:  Saturday after apple picking Ryan needed to get a new pair of sneakers and skateboard so we headed to the mall.  Conveniently next to the mall was Costco so I asked Ryan if we could peruse their cameras.  I looked a Panasonic which felt nice in my hands but I wasn’t enthusiastic about its features.  Immediately to the right was a Sony.  I’ve had 2 Sony’s in the past and have loved them…  Within a blink of an eye I was walking out with a new toy 😉

Puppies Playing Tag:  We’ve been bringing Charlie to doggy day a couple of times a week for the past month.  From what we can tell [by the way he eagerly sprints inside] he seems to enjoy himself.  Ryan and I get a laugh out of the report card they send home every time even though they’re all very similar…  “Charlie likes basking in his counselors attention” [he’s an attention snob, we know that] and “He likes playing tag with Gigi!”  We’re not so sure how do dogs play “tag” and we’re also not so sure we want to know…

High School Clothes:  This morning was one of those mornings when I looked into my closet and despite it being full of dresses, shirts, and skirts, I still had nothing to wear.  I ended up choosing a shirt and skirt, both of which I bought in high school…  High school clothes = high school curves.  I guess my womanly figure is still waiting to sprout?!



Question:  Can your relate to any of my rambles?

Question:  Do you still wear any of your high school clothes?

— Life's a Bowl


Wordless Wednesday 5.9.12

May’s Memorable Moments [to date]: Spending time with my friends, bachelorette surprise beach weekend, receiving a job offer, and planning many fun social events for the rest of May and into June!

Question:  What’s your favorite clothing store?

Question:  The weather forecast is predicting a BEA-UUU-TIFUL weekend, what should I do?!

— Life's a Bowl