Thinking Out Loud: Mrs. Green’s

I didn’t sleep very well last night and have a 14-hour day ahead, so I’m struggling to come up with an interesting opener today…  Let’s just dive into my random thoughts.  Oh wait, did y’all see that I shared our current favorite dinner yesterday?  Mini Mexican Meatloaves…  Let me know if you try them!


Thanks Amanda for hosting another week of Thinking Out Loud!

Thought #1:  By the time you read this I’ll have already been to the chiropractor and been adjusted…  I still need to attend a 4th grade team meeting, teach a full day, drive to Potomac River Running, work my first shift and learn all things running, squeeze in a late workout, and eat dinner hopefully before 10PM.  It’s a long Thursday!

Thought #2:  Ryan tried spaghetti squash for the first time and thought it was less than delicious.  I shared his thoughts via Twitter and a handful of ladies responded saying that their husbands don’t like it either…  Maybe it’s in our DNA?


Thought #3:  Tuesday night Ryan and I had a headstand/handstand contest.  I struggled to do a headstand and he easily kicked his feet up into a handstand.  A computer wiz and a secret handstander…  I never saw it coming.  Considering I ended up at the chiropractor yesterday and again today, he clearly won.

image Tip: it’s called a HEADstand, but you’re not actually supposed to put any weight on your head – use your arms!

Thought #4:  Quest did it again.  I took a break from buying Quest Bars for the past few months, but the (bad) habit is back because of their newest, latest, greatest bar…  Cookies & Cream.  Get your hands on one or a dozen of them ASAP!  And if you don’t like them, you can most definitely send them to me 😉


Thought #5:  This year I’m tracking my miles and cardio minutes for no real reason, but because I wanna know.  I’ve tried using the Nike Running App, but I always forget to turn it when I do a treadmill run.  A couple of weeks ago I outlined my workouts in iCal and it’s been good so far…  If I switch days or change workouts, I simply have to edit the event.  It doesn’t total numbers, but I don’t mind doing it myself.

  • Running:  54.6 miles
  • Walking:  7 miles
  • Cardio:  840 minutes

Thought #6:  Charlie loves getting tangled up in his t-shirt…


Thought #7:  Hot dogs were our Super Bowl Sunday dinner.  I used to eat hot dogs frequently as a kid (my momma made franks and beans), but nowadays we typically buy chicken sausages.  The jalapeno chicken sausages from Trader Joe’s are our favorite!

Thought #8:  Over the weekend we swung by Mrs. Green’s, a new natural market that offers 100% organic produce, all-natural meats and dairy, artisan baked goods, supplements, and household, pet, and baby products.  It immediately reminded me of Whole Foods, but the prices were whopping expensive.  Ryan said it’s called Mrs. GREEN’S for a reason – you’ve gotta have a lot of green to shop there.



Thought #9:  I forgot my lunch at home today and the thought of eating cafeteria food makes my stomach churn.  True story: A kid found a plastic knife in his hot dog one day at lunch when I was in elementary school.  Thankfully (or unthankfully?) Ryan is working from home today because he’s not feeling well, so he and Charlie saved me from having to buy.  I love my boys!

Thought #10:  Saturday morning I proctored another SSAT test and afterwards treated myself to my favorite “me time” – a mani + pedi…


Question:  Did you usually bring or buy your lunch in grade school?

Question:  Spaghetti squash – yay or nay?  What’s your favorite way to eat it?

— Allison


Hypersonic Speed Mode

It’s a busy beginning of the week!  Since we were only in school for one day last week, and yesterday was a half day (Mondays always are – perk of teaching elementary school!), we’re trying to squeeze in as much as possible today and tomorrow.

The second grading period ends tomorrow, and Thursday and Friday are teacher workdays, so teachers are in “gotta get it done, no talking just working, hypersonic speed mode.”  Or at least that’s how one of my students described it yesterday.  Meanwhile, the students are looking forward to another long weekend…

Ryan and I didn’t have any exciting plans over the weekend, but as I keep saying, a low-key January is appreciated after a busy holiday season.  I also wasn’t feeling 100% so “easy” was exactly what I needed.









August Osage County







Question:  Would you rather have a 3-day weekend starting on a Friday or ending on a Monday?

Question:  How do you take your coffee?

— Allison


Two Words Tuesday: In Other News

Before anything, I have to share something from my dream last night.  I don’t remember where I was, what I was doing, or who I was with, but I do remember that I was brushing my teeth and when I looked into the mirror…  I had a big.fat.honking gap in between my two front teeth.  What a nightmare, GAH!

I’ve been considering Invisalign for a while, but I’ve put it off since I’m not Miss Moneybags.  Last week my momma kindly told me that my teeth are starting to look squished and I should get a retainer, which I interpreted as “You had braces three times.  Three times!  Get those things checked out ASAP!”  Mothers will always tell you the truth, whether it’s good or bad.

In other news…

Don't Hate Me Because I Have a Snow Day There isn’t any snow on the ground yet, but the forecast is predicting 4-8+ inches.  If we get anything over 3 inches it’ll be the most snow that we’ve received in one snowfall in the past three years…  Wahoo!

As excited as I am to have my 3-day weekend extended another day (maybe even tomorrow too?), I’m kinda bummed because a) we’ve already used up all of our snow days so now we have to take away holidays and b) I don’t get paid when we’re not in school.  Silver linings: I can go to BodyFlow this morning, Charlie has a buddy at home with him (almost) all day, and I can continue watching One Tree Hill.  Thanks for the recommendation Sarah!

In other news, again.  Snapshots from my 3-day weekend…

IMG_5191 Valentine explosion

IMG_5193 dreamy combo

IMG_5200 bread & barley

IMG_5206 lotsa lights

IMG_5209 great texture

Frozen Movie Poster SEE IT!

IMG_5217 perfect combo (Brown Bag Popcorn with dark chocolate chips + melted peanut butter blobs)

IMG_5223 lovin’ runnin’

IMG_5229 cozy afternoon

IMG_5235 sunbathing buddy

IMG_5238 Virginia sunset

IMG_5241 weekly haul

IMG_5251 (I) love lamp

Her Movie Poster skip it

Question:  Do you have/have you had Invisalign?  Braces?  An expander?  I’ll never forget when I had to wear an expander and my parents had to tighten it.  It was definitely my least favorite part of the whole braces experience.  Although, rubber bands were a close second, especially when they popped in my mouth.  See the picture below if you have no clue what I’m talking about.

Braces Components Question:  Would you rather start school in August and end in May?  Or start in September and end in June?  I’ve always started school a day or two after Labor Day so I’m used to that schedule.  I can’t imagine sitting in a classroom in August – not only would it be hot, but some of the best days of summer are in August!  Although, Molly agrees to disagree…  Good thing she moved to Texas 😉

— Allison