Seven Things Saturday 5.4.13

I feel like I’ve been saying it a lot recently, but this week totally flew by!  I think it’s a combination of work being busier than usual and my weekends lately have been full of fun times.  Either way it’s the weekend and that is wonderful 😀

Thing #1:  I’ve had a hard time sleeping much past 4:30AM all week.  It sounds atrociously early but I’ve been going to sleep earlier [read: 8:30PM] – my grandma status is at an all-time high…  The other night Ryan said that we were mid-conversation and after a long pause, he looked over and I was out.  A couple of perks of a confused internal clock: more time to read blogs and respond to comments, there are no lines at Starbucks, there are tons of open parking spots, and the grocery store is like a desert town.

5-3 Groceries

all good eats, all on sale

Thing #2:  Yesterday was the first time I tried sweet potato popchips and they are seriously the crack of all chips.  I packed a handful for lunch and polished off the bag for dinner – they paired perfectly with an egg + arugula + bell pepper scramble topped avo + roasted veggie tomato sauce.

I’d brush my teeth with this if it was sweet potato flavored

Thing #3:  On Thursday I shared this status on Facebook.  I checked my time Sunday afternoon but I honestly was just so happy that my stomach didn’t bother me that it never really clicked.


Thing #4:  I ordered this shirt from City Sports yesterday morning – I looked for a Boston Strong shirt last weekend to wear to the race, but surprisingly didn’t have much luck.

link to shirt

Thing #5:  Charlie got groomed on Thursday and came home looking naked – they cut off all of his curly and fluffy cuteness.  Ryan said that when he first saw him he looked like a schnauzer because the groomer left the hair around his face a little longer.  He’s currently having an identity crisis, be kind.


Thing #6:  It’s supposed to be another beautiful weekend in DC and I’m looking forward to a few fun plans.  Friday: I got in a run after work and caught-up on The Real Housewives of OC while Ryan went to the movie with his friends.  Saturday: I’m attending the LFA Lupus Summit and hoping to swing by Micheal’s afterwards to pick out a few craft supplies.  Sunday: I’ve got a long-ish run on the agenda, lunch with friends, and playing disc golf on a new course.


Thing #7:  Has anyone seen this movie?  I haven’t been to the theater in what feels like ages and am itching for a good chick flick…  Something to look forward to: the theater in the town center where we’re moving offers $5 movies every day before noon and all day on Wednesday’s – that’s a steal compared to the prices of other local theaters!  Take note Megan.


Question: Toothpaste – fruity or minty?

Question:  What are you most looking forward to this weekend?

— Allison


Weekend Happenings: Naked & Skyfall


cinnamon raisin pancakes topped with Chobani + peanut butter frosting + shredded unsweetened coconut

discovered the office gym during lunch

pink pedi

first time trying Naked Pizza = YUM!

artichokes + jalapenos + mushrooms + olives + roasted red peppers + spinach

snap, crackle, pop


turkey bacon, mushroom + spinach scramble topped with salsa, & Van’s waffles topped with banana + feta + pistachios + shredded unsweetened coconut

45 minutes spinning & 45 minutes TNT training

 kamut cereal + Banana Choco Chip VitaTop + banana + shredded unsweetened coconut + Silk Light Vanilla soymilk


cinnamon pancakes topped with cinnamon Chobani + peanut butter frosting + apple butter + fresh sweetened cranberries

ruby red grapefruit

Jame Bond Skyfall [it. was. awesome!]

such a sweepy buddy

Unpictured weekend happenings: watching Life As We Know It, a piping hot bowl of chocolate chip peanut butter banana oats for breakfast, a massage, a new iPhone, apartment cleaning, and grocery shopping…


…and tomorrow is a holiday [in honor of Veteran’s Day today].  In the morning I’m meeting a girlfriend for a walk but I’m not sure what Ryan and I will do in the afternoon.  Peanut Butter Cereal Brownies sound enticing 😉  Hip, hip, hooray for 3-day weekends!



Question:  Do you have a 3-day weekend?

Question:  Are you a Bond fan?  I am all about chicky flicky movies but I also enjoy a good action movie [with cute actors] now and then!

— Life's a Bowl


Thirteen Things Thursday 5.17.12

Thing 1.  I am back on an avocado kick, one a day every day.  Diced up on top of a salad, mixed with shredded chicken, added to a bowl of piping hot quinoa, or sliced on top of eggs…

Thing 2.  On Tuesday Charlie went to the vet to get his “manhood” removed [aka he got neutered].  The animal hospital kept him overnight which was probably for the best because as soon as he got home yesterday he went wild.  The poor little guy looks pretty pathetic with a cone around his neck to prevent him from licking the wound…

Thing 3.  Tonight I’m making a caprese quinoa salad for a potluck tomorrow night.  It’s my first time making it so hopefully it turns out to be tasty!  I’m taking inspiration from here

Thing 4.  One of my good girlfriends got engaged last weekend- so exciting!  I cannot wait to start talking wedding details with her…

Thing 5.  May is my second month participating in Foodie Penpals hosted by Lindsay over at The Lean Green Bean.  If you’re a blogger or a food lover you should totally check it out!  Last night I mailed my package to Ashley and received my package from Kim

Thing 6.  Not like I’m counting or anything, but there are only 20 more days left of school!  Thinking back, the east coast earthquake, the first day of school, and the torrential rain storm seem so long ago but were only a few months ago.  Have you ever noticed how quickly the days pass by so quickly but add up so slowly?  And sometimes, it’s just the opposite, the days pass slowly and add up quickly…

Thing 7.  It’s official, I accepted a job offer!  Friday, June 15th is the last day of school and Monday, June 18th is the first day at my new job.  I am super psyched to start!  So much for a summer break…

Thing 8.  On Saturday, my momma, my maid of honor, Ryan, and I are going to our first cake tasting!  When thinking back to weddings that I’ve been to in the past, I remember most cakes being either chocolate or vanilla but the two bakeries that we have scheduled tastings at offer so many flavorful options and unique combinations!  Do people tend to choose chocolate and vanilla because they are most common and widely liked?  I’ll share more about what flavors and fillings we chose to taste in a post over the weekend…

Thing 9.  For the past few weeks my gym routine has been super sporadic since most days I have something on my schedule for after school.  If my sweat session is planned for the morning, my routine consists of waking up at 4:45AM, driving to the gym, starting my workout by 5AM and finishing around 6AM, driving home, packing lunches for Ryan and me, eating breakfast, showering, and leaving for school by 7AM.  Those few free afternoons have been greatly appreciated…

Thing 10.  Despite being MIA from the blog world lately, there have been a few changes to LAB.  A) If you haven’t already noticed, there is a new page featuring all of my “Favorite Finds Friday” posts- be sure to check them out if you’re a Pinterest fanatic like myself!  B) Rather than featuring “Successes Sunday” weekly, I will be summarizing my progress towards achieving my goals on a monthly basis- weekly has been a bit much and sometimes I feel like I’m fishing for words.  I want to be proud to share updates and achieve my goals…

Thing 11.  There are so many movies out [and coming out soon] that I want to see- The Lucky One, The Avengers, What to Expect When You’re Expecting!  I just need to find someone to go with…

Thing 12.  There are only 130 more days until I’m dressed in white and say “I do!”  Oh my…

Thing 13.  The past few weeks I have had every intention to blog but after working all day, sweating myself silly at the gym, and trying to squeeze in brief periods of meaningful time with my family and friends, blogging has been put on the back burner.  Don’t get me wrong, LAB has been on my mind daily and I feel guilty that I have not been keeping y’all in the loop.  On a daily basis I ask Ryan not to let me fall asleep before I blog but he’s too sweet and either he A) knows how much I need my rest or B) believes me every time I tell him “I’ll do it tomorrow.”  Either way, the slacking needs to stop…

Question:  Share 2 [or 13] random things!

Question:  What races are you competing in this summer/ fall?  I’m interested in running a half-marathon or attempting a triathlon!

Daily Memorable Moment May 17: TG[T]IF…  Thank goodness [tomorrow] is Friday!  There are many fun things on the schedule this weekend :)

— Life's a Bowl