Thinking Out Loud: Mrs. Green’s

I didn’t sleep very well last night and have a 14-hour day ahead, so I’m struggling to come up with an interesting opener today…  Let’s just dive into my random thoughts.  Oh wait, did y’all see that I shared our current favorite dinner yesterday?  Mini Mexican Meatloaves…  Let me know if you try them!


Thanks Amanda for hosting another week of Thinking Out Loud!

Thought #1:  By the time you read this I’ll have already been to the chiropractor and been adjusted…  I still need to attend a 4th grade team meeting, teach a full day, drive to Potomac River Running, work my first shift and learn all things running, squeeze in a late workout, and eat dinner hopefully before 10PM.  It’s a long Thursday!

Thought #2:  Ryan tried spaghetti squash for the first time and thought it was less than delicious.  I shared his thoughts via Twitter and a handful of ladies responded saying that their husbands don’t like it either…  Maybe it’s in our DNA?


Thought #3:  Tuesday night Ryan and I had a headstand/handstand contest.  I struggled to do a headstand and he easily kicked his feet up into a handstand.  A computer wiz and a secret handstander…  I never saw it coming.  Considering I ended up at the chiropractor yesterday and again today, he clearly won.

image Tip: it’s called a HEADstand, but you’re not actually supposed to put any weight on your head – use your arms!

Thought #4:  Quest did it again.  I took a break from buying Quest Bars for the past few months, but the (bad) habit is back because of their newest, latest, greatest bar…  Cookies & Cream.  Get your hands on one or a dozen of them ASAP!  And if you don’t like them, you can most definitely send them to me 😉


Thought #5:  This year I’m tracking my miles and cardio minutes for no real reason, but because I wanna know.  I’ve tried using the Nike Running App, but I always forget to turn it when I do a treadmill run.  A couple of weeks ago I outlined my workouts in iCal and it’s been good so far…  If I switch days or change workouts, I simply have to edit the event.  It doesn’t total numbers, but I don’t mind doing it myself.

  • Running:  54.6 miles
  • Walking:  7 miles
  • Cardio:  840 minutes

Thought #6:  Charlie loves getting tangled up in his t-shirt…


Thought #7:  Hot dogs were our Super Bowl Sunday dinner.  I used to eat hot dogs frequently as a kid (my momma made franks and beans), but nowadays we typically buy chicken sausages.  The jalapeno chicken sausages from Trader Joe’s are our favorite!

Thought #8:  Over the weekend we swung by Mrs. Green’s, a new natural market that offers 100% organic produce, all-natural meats and dairy, artisan baked goods, supplements, and household, pet, and baby products.  It immediately reminded me of Whole Foods, but the prices were whopping expensive.  Ryan said it’s called Mrs. GREEN’S for a reason – you’ve gotta have a lot of green to shop there.



Thought #9:  I forgot my lunch at home today and the thought of eating cafeteria food makes my stomach churn.  True story: A kid found a plastic knife in his hot dog one day at lunch when I was in elementary school.  Thankfully (or unthankfully?) Ryan is working from home today because he’s not feeling well, so he and Charlie saved me from having to buy.  I love my boys!

Thought #10:  Saturday morning I proctored another SSAT test and afterwards treated myself to my favorite “me time” – a mani + pedi…


Question:  Did you usually bring or buy your lunch in grade school?

Question:  Spaghetti squash – yay or nay?  What’s your favorite way to eat it?

— Allison


MIMM: Blurry Memories

Last week sped by but I have a feeling that this week is going to go by much.much.slower.  Tuesday was Christmas Eve, Wednesday was Christmas, Thursday we saw Anchorman 2, Friday I spent my afternoon at the salon before friends came over for dinner and the Bull Run Festival of Lights, Saturday we celebrated my BFF’s birthday, yesterday we saw American Hustle…  And then in the blink of an eye, it’s already Monday.

IMG_4488 Charlie doesn’t do mornings, or Mondays

I was scheduled to take the VLCA exams this afternoon but considering that I haven’t studied,  I postponed the tests (without penalty) until Friday morning.  Yesterday evening I outlined grand plans for my week ahead – wake up, eat breakfast, workout, eat lunch, study, snack, study, eat dinner, study, go to sleep, and repeat.  With the exception of some fun on New Year’s Eve, obviously.

How did today go?  Well, I’ve eaten, worked out, washed all of our laundry, walked Charlie, watched wedding shows…  And I have not even begun to study.  Gah!  I never have been good at studying at home.  In elementary school and throughout high school I went to a tutor after school before I went to practice, in college I studied and wrote papers at a local coffee shop, and nowadays I prefer to stay late at the office to finish any work and write blog posts at Starbucks.  My brain has coded home to be an anti-work zone.

IMG_4507 upped my weights so my body was sufficiently pumped at BodyPump

In an effort to procrastinate even longer, below are some marvelous moments from the past week (a few that didn’t make it into my Christmas recap are also included).  A lot of the pictures – especially the ones from the light show since we were instructed not to stop along the route, as well as from Seasons 52 because the room was extremely dark – are oober blurry.  Maybe in 2014 I’ll start using one of my fancy cameras?

Thanks Katie for hosting another marvelous link-up!

IMG_4147 the world’s best chocolate chip cookies made by my uncle (which he may start selling online!)

IMG_4202 salty & sweet breakfasts have been the theme lately

IMG_4242 Charlie loves playing fetch at my momma’s house because her wood floors are like a slip ‘n slide

IMG_4252 I always have had & always will have chubby cheeks, they’re my signature

IMG_4294 it doesn’t get much cozier than sitting by the fire with a warm drink & snow socks

Bull Run Festival of Lights 2013 Bull Run Festival of Lights – pretty, but not worth the $20 admission fee

IMG_4316 my teacher feet will be happy the rest of the winter

IMG_4320 an ornament for each year that Ryan & I have been together (a new tradition)

IMG_4423 Dilbert & Doonesbury for life

IMG_4446_2 birthday mani + pedi

IMG_4436 I may not stay awake to see the ball to drop on NYE, but at least I’ve got glitter on my nails

Lauren's Bday at Seasons 52 good food, good service, great company, & fun memories

Question:  Does any place near you do a light show?  This was my first experience.

Question:  Have you ever eaten at Seasons 52?  What’s your favorite dish?  The menu changes seasonally so we try to go once each season!

— Allison


Elf for Health {Round One}

This is my second year participating in Elf for Health and I’m enjoying it even more than last year!  Elf for Health is a 4-week challenge program that began on November 25th and goes through December 22nd.  Lindsay from The Lean Green Bean and Elle from nutritionella have spent I don’t know how much, but it must have been a LOT, of time coordinating inspirational and motivational challenges.

Elf for Health 2013 Challenges The Elf for Health challenges encourage participants to try new activities, reach for things that were once thought to be unattainable, help those in need, give back to the local community, implement organizational strategies, and various other health-related tasks.  But most importantly, the challenges foster a supportive community where women (and men) can connect with others who share similar passions and/or struggles.  The interactions begin virtually, but oftentimes develop into real life friendships.

Monday, November 25th – Go Meatless


Tomato Mozzarella Pizza Quesadillas – you’re gonna want this recipe…

Tuesday, November 26th – Unsubscribe


Unroll.Me lists all of your subscriptions & allows you to instantly unsubscribe from whichever you don’t want

Wednesday, November 27th – New Workout


cardio + a new weight routine

Thursday, November 28th – Make a Phone Call


my momma went to Colorado to help my brother move & they got stuck behind a herd of cows!

Friday, November 29th – Track Water Intake


no need to find filtered water or buy bottled water, Brita now has water bottles with filters

Saturday, November 30th – Treat Yourself

Treat Yourself

on Saturday Ryan & I treated ourselves to a day of disconnect (no computer, no phone) // on Sunday Ryan had to travel for work so I treated myself to a stroll around the grocery store & a mani + pedi

Sunday, December 1st – 100 Burpees


a positive attitude (plus a tasty lunch planned for afterwards) made 10 sets of 10 went by quickly

Monday, December 2nd – Hand-Written Note


Trader Joe’s has the cutest & most affordable cards

Tuesday, December 3rd – Eat the Rainbow


blue was definitely the hardest color to eat (evidence here -> WIAW:The Rainbow Minus Blue)

Wednesday, December 4th -Make-Up Free


wet hair, no make-up, & glasses

Thursday, December 5th – Workout Buddy


Ryan & I have done this workout a lot lately, it’s a guaranteed good sweat

Friday, December 6th – Operation Beautiful


I scattered notes throughout the campus where my momma works & left her one on her card

Saturday, December 7th – Fridge & Pantry Purge


our fridge & pantry are always organized, so I wiped down the drawers/shelves

Sunday, December 8th – Gratitude List

I'm Grateful For

there’s always something to be grateful for

Question:  If you’re participating in Elf for Health, what was your favorite round one challenge?  Mine (last year too) was the Operation Beautiful challenge.

Question:  What are you grateful for?

— Allison