Procrastination in Full Force

Over the weekend I did anything and everything except the one thing I needed to do [work] and it was fabulous 😀

…got groceries went downtown for an advising session [but our instructor stood us up]…

…went with a group of friends to the Nat’s game…

…ran a whole bunch of errands…

…procrastination was in full-force!


Daily Memorable Moments

April 14:  It was the Nat’s home opening weekend and it was PACKED!

April 15:  It was an absolutely beautiful 80+ degree day 😀

Question:  Do you procrastinate?!

Question:  What’s your favorite sport to watch?

— Life's a Bowl


Successes Sunday {Week 12}

My body is tired and my brain is fried.  But…


So I guess I’m just getting a lot stronger?!

Successes Sunday

1.  Listen to my body.

-It was another busy week between school, squeezing in workouts, and attending wedding consultations…  It was busy but it all got done and most of it was fun!

-I have been trading calls back and forth with the GI office.  I’m hoping to schedule the second colonoscopy for sometime in early April.

-On Friday I was sick at home…  I woke up at 5AM with a small cramp but didn’t think much of it and went about my normal morning routine [shower, pack lunches, eat breakfast, take care of some odds and ends].  In the car on the way to school, the cramp intensified to a stabbing pain and I knew that I wouldn’t make it through a full day of school.  As soon as I got to school, I filled out a sub request and thankfully it was filled.

2.  Save money.

-Total grocery savings for the week: $42.96 [and bet it would be more if TJ’s collected coupons/ had sales]!

-Limiting myself to 2 Sbucks a week has become easy!  During the week I’ll enjoy a cup of coffee with breakfast at home and pack a tumbler [or two] to bring with me to work.  The biggest thing that I miss about my Sbucks cappuccino is the frothy milk…

-On Saturday I bought a new pair of Nike running sneakers!  I could not be more excited!  Not only are they pretty good-looking [in my opinion],  but they were only $52 [originally $75, on sale for $65, and I had a 20% off coupon]- it felt like a steal 😀  Since I’m not training for any upcoming races I didn’t want to spend $100+ on a pair of sneakers that would be primarily used on the elliptical or push the pedals on the spin bike.


-On Sunday I got a haircut!  I have put it off for a while now because spending $100 on a wash, a few snips, and a blow-dry seems a little ridiculous to me…  But after going to the same guy for years, I’ve had a hard time convincing myself that it’s okay to try someone new.  Sound silly?!  But after talking with a couple of my girlfriends, I made an appointment at a new salon and I’m happy that I did!  I didn’t change much because the wedding is in a few months and think that there are more fun styles to choose from if it’s longer, but I can definitely tell that my ends feel much healthier.

3.  Train Charlie.

-Since watching the puppy training show last weekend and learning that one of the best ways to train a puppy is to give them a highly stimulating reward, Ryan and I have been giving Charlie “pupperonies” [aka turkey pepperoni slices]!  And let me tell you, it works!  We use 1 “pupperoni” and tear it into tiny pieces to get about 5 tricks out of the little guy…  He definitely has mastered sit, so we’re focusing on lay down, speak, crawl :)

-Charlie is still losing teeth!

“The goal you set should be challenging enough to make you stretch, but not so far that you break.”

~Author Unknown

Daily Memorable Moment March 25:  It was a good day at the mall [without even buying anything!]…  Ryan and I met one of my girlfriends to see The Hunger Games, I got a haircut, and on our way out we bumped into another girlfriend who was jewelry shopping so I couldn’t resist joining and offering her some advice!

Question:  What’s your favorite brand for running sneakers?

Question:  Have you ever trained a puppy?  What was his/her “would do anything for” treat?

— Life's a Bowl


Successes Sunday {Week 11}

This weekend was wonderfully productive!  I…

  • I ordered my wedding shoes [a perfect match to my dress!]
  • My momma and I shopped for her mother of the bride dress
  • Ryan and I gave Charlie a bath and brushed his teeth [now he’s rocking a little ‘fro]
  • We finally decided on a florist and a photographer [the two toughest wedding decisions yet]
  • My momma, my maid of honor, and I found the bridesmaids shoes [classy, comfortable, & re-wearable!]
  • I worked out [times two]
  • Ryan and I went grocery shopping [and snagged a couple of major BOGO deals]
  • I dusted our apartment [so gross, I can’t believe I’ve waited so long to do this]
  • Ryan and I took Charlie for a walk around the neighborhood lake [sunset strolls are so relaxing]
  • I did 5+ loads of laundry [alleluia]

…  PHEW!

Successes Sunday

1.  Listen to my body.

Health:  My digestive issues the past week have been no fun, not one bit.  Regardless of what I ate or did, I got an intense stabbing pain in my lower abdomen that would last for anywhere between 2 and 10 minutes.  After reading a bunch about celiac disease and the benefits of a gluten-free diet, I was planning to cut out wheat from my diet this week.  But after talking to my doctor, she said to wait- hip, hip, hooray, carbs will still be consumed this week!  The biggest [and best] thing I could do now is schedule the second colonoscopy *sigh*…

Fitness:  I was on a sweat-streak last week!  I went to the gym 6 days in a row and did a lot of cardio [bike, elliptical, treadmill] but no weights…  This week I my goal is to do weights at every 3 days.

2.  Save money.

Clothes:  This week was the first week since the new year that I spent my monies on something other than bills or groceries [wedding expenses not included]…  A dress!  When my momma and I went shopping on Friday I decided to try on a few things at Nordstrom.  After a long week and a girl is at the mall with her wallet easily accessible, what else would you expect?!  The dress is adorable: metallic silver with gold polka dots, a thin gold belt, and ruffles around the neckline…

Groceries:  Last week’s savings:  $43.25.  That’s pretty good!  I still need to get a few things from TJ’s but they don’t accept coupons or have sales…

Starbucks:  I have been making creamy coffee’s at home during the week and saving my two Sbucks’s for the weekend [one on Saturday and one on Sunday]!

3.  Train Charlie.

Teeth:  At the current rate Charlie is losing his teeth, he will have to buy him a set of dentures because he’ll just have a mouth full gums [we found two more teeth this weekend]…

Training:  The past week we have been working on “lay down.”  Charlie will sit on command and will lay down with us when we’re sitting on the sofa, but getting him to lay down on the ground is a challenge.  We actually watched a show the other day on Animal Planet that suggested training puppies with turkey?!

Daily Memorable Moment March 18:  Having a super productive afternoon with my momma and my maid of honor!

Question:  What did you accomplish over the weekend?

Question:  What are you making for dinner tonight?  I’m in need of some inspiration…

— Life's a Bowl