Healthy Eats & Tasty Treats {Insta Art}

The theme of my eats over the past few months has been quick and easy.   I’ve given breakfasts a little more attention because I’ve been at home and had more time- lunches are eaten at work and after a long day, cooking dinner < relaxing.  But that’s not to say my eats haven’t been tasty…  Sometimes the most satisfying meals are the simplest!

Thankfully, since things have calmed down over the past few weeks, I’ve gotten back into the kitchen.  I’ve had fun baking on the weekends [Beginner Banana Bread and Pumpkin Raisin Muffins *recipe will be posted soon*] and putting our crock pot to use for easy weeknight meals [Cuban Chicken Chili]…  Ryan and I are both looking forward to more home cooking and less heat-and-eat style meals :)



P.S.  Yesterday’s #liveleaneatgreen October Photo A Day Challenge was to leave an Operation Beautiful note somewhere.  I dropped off my note at Whole Foods but since it was the lunch hour, all the aisles were hustling and busting.  I didn’t want to be “that girl” holding everyone up taking pictures so I jumped at the first change I got, I was in the frozen foods aisle…  I felt like a big dork and any passerby probably thought I was taking pictures of Stonyfield fro-yo [which is one of my favorites, yum] but I loved the thought of someone finding my note!  We all have those days when we could use a little pick me up…  I totally plan to leave more notes!

“No one can ever take from you…the assurance that you are enough, that you are the joy the world needs.” ~Samantha Page

Question:  What’s been one of your favorite foods or combo lately? 

Question:  Have you heard of Operation Beautiful?  Have you ever left a note?  Or ever found a note?!

— Life's a Bowl


Relaxing Weekend Ramblings

Weekends are meant for relaxing and unwinding.  Weekends are the only 2 days of the week that most people do not have to commute, work from 9AM until 5PM, and repeat 5 days in a row.

Friday night Ryan and a few friends planned a surprise birthday celebration- I was overwhelmed with appreciation!  Unfortunately, the festivities were postponed because I had a severe pain in my lower abdomen.  Talk about a party pooper…  A glass of wine and a gourmet dinner was replaced with pain meds and a plate of eggs and toast.

Despite waking up sweating and feeling uncomfortable on the hour every hour, Saturday was exactly how a weekend should be…  Relaxing.

Morning fuel was in the form of a few cups of coffee, fresh fruit, and pancakes, followed by cuddling on the couch with Charlie while Ryan watched one of his silly shows.

A long steaming shower later, Ryan and I made a quick trip to the mall.  We needed to:

  1. Return a cake mix to Williams-Sonoma…  I bought it a couple of weeks ago when I was eating gluten-free but since I went to the doctor last week, he has officially ruled out celiac disease [more on that topic to come].  Hasta la vista gluten-free, fill my belly up with that gluten goodness!
  2. Make an exchange at Pandora…  For my birthday, Ryan got me a beautiful set of dangles and a charm for my bracelet.  The charm was of 2 rings to represent our recent marriage but unfortunately, Ryan had already given me the same charm for our engagement.  Without looking for more than a minute, I had my heart set on the royal carriage!
  3. Get a 20-minute massage…  Ryan and I found this little, no-name massage place in the mall that does 15-, 20-, 30-, and 60-minute massages.  I swear, the women who work there are itty-bitty but they are fierce!


With our bellies rumbling, we agreed that it was time for lunch and headed to the Teet.  Get this, for only $4.50 you can get a 1/2 pound sandwich [whole wheat bread + 1/2 pound of meat + lettuce and tomato + side of potato salad]!  It costs more to get 1/2 of meat at the deli counter…  Such a super sweet deal, it feels like a steal!

The rest of the afternoon was spent getting our sweat on [she went to the gym, he skated], snacking, and getting ready for the evening’s festivities- a wedding!  I was SO excited for one of my closest girlfriends and just as I had imagined, she was a stunning bride!  Ironically, she’s got married at the country club that my family and I belonged to while growing up.  I was excited for Ryan to see it…

Today should be just as relaxing.  Currently I’m watching Julie & Julia and have no plans since I’m still feeling under the weather and want to stay close to home…  Maybe a walk with Charlie?  Try a new recipe?  Prep for the upcoming week?  I really wish weekends were more than 2 days… I could use more of this relaxing stuff!

P.S.  I’ve decided to participate in Lindsay’s [from The Lean Green Bean] October Photo A Day Challenge!  Are you?!



Question:  What’s one of the goals you’re working towards achieving?

Question:  What is the biggest wedding guest no-no?  Last night’s wedding was the first wedding that Ryan and I attended as a married couple!  After our wedding, I now have a pretty good understanding of wedding guest etiquette- what to do and what not to do 😛

— Life's a Bowl


Procrastination in Full Force

Over the weekend I did anything and everything except the one thing I needed to do [work] and it was fabulous 😀

…got groceries went downtown for an advising session [but our instructor stood us up]…

…went with a group of friends to the Nat’s game…

…ran a whole bunch of errands…

…procrastination was in full-force!


Daily Memorable Moments

April 14:  It was the Nat’s home opening weekend and it was PACKED!

April 15:  It was an absolutely beautiful 80+ degree day 😀

Question:  Do you procrastinate?!

Question:  What’s your favorite sport to watch?

— Life's a Bowl