I Really Liked 2012

I’m not gonna lie, I really liked 2012

We planned a wedding.

We got a puppy.

I went back to school to study event management.

I started a new job.

My health has stabilized.

Our family and friends continued to support us.

And we got married!

Rather than making a list of New Year’s resolutions, I’ve made a list of goals…

To live in the moment.

To love with my whole heart.

To laugh a lot.

To learn from experiences.

To listen to my body.

…that I hope to incorporate into everyday of 2013.


2013 has got a lot to live up to, but I’m glad we’re kicking it off with our honeymoon in 18 days :)


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Yesterday…  #elf4Health 12/31 Day 36:  Make a healthy dish to bring to your New Year’s party.  Ryan and I [plus Charlie] kept it low-key at home since I’m still under-the-weather and Ryan’s ankle is still bothering him, but we enjoyed tasty BBQ turkey mini meatloaves and biscuits while watching the movie The Campaign!

Today…  #elf4Health 1/1 Day 37:  Clean the house top to bottom!  Everything is clean, laundry included, minus the ironing that I’ve procrastinated doing…

Tomorrow…  #elf4Health 1/2 Day 38:  Set a new fitness goal.

Question:  Do you have any goals or resolutions for 2013?

Question:  How did you celebrate the New Year?

— Allison


First Month as a Mrs.

I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a dancer.  I cannot follow a beat, I cannot carry a tune, and I have no rhythm.


In elementary school, in addition to playing every sport under the sun, my parents enrolled me in ballet lessons.  I will never forget my ballet teacher…  She made my cousin cry [#truth].  Surprisingly, my ballet career was short-lived but I did look pretty adorable with my chubby cheeks in a dog and a lobster tutu!


When Ryan and I started planning our wedding, we agreed that dance lessons were necessary so we wouldn’t look like two clowns with two left feet.  We signed up for a wedding package at a local dance studio and before we knew it we were dipping and dropping and swirling and twirling for an hour every Saturday morning leading up to our big day.

Our first dance was immediately following our grand entrance and we danced the rumba to “Dancing in the Moonlight” by King Harvest!  In the moment, we may have forgotten exactly which foot to move and which way to turn but it was fabulously fun and memorable [I twirled Ryan]!


I cannot believe that I’ve been a Mrs. for a month, we got married on September 3rd!  And if you’re wondering how it feels to be married [I get this question often]…  I LOVE IT!  It doesn’t feel very different from it did when we were engaged since we have lived together for the past year, but it is an awesome feeling knowing that our relationship is now a forever commitment and it’s  fun to say “my husband” :)

P.S.  Want to know what song we used for our grand entrance?  Let’s just say it was *totally* my kind of song…  Oh yes!




Question:  Have you ever taken dance lessons?

Question:  If you’re married, what was your first dance song?  If you’re not married, what song would you want to use for your first dance?

— Life's a Bowl


Three Months, One Really Long Day

I’mmm backkk!


So much has happened over the past 3 months…  I started my new job, summer has come and gone [hello fall!], anddd Ryan and I got married!  The past 3 months have been, without a doubt, a complete whirlwind and at times have felt like one reallyyy longgg dayyy but everything was well worth it and I now have memories that will last a lifetime!

The past few days I have felt under the weather and have been stuck at home.  While lazily laying on the couch, I’ve made many updates to the blog.  A girl can only watch so many hours of trashy reality shows and Lifetime movies before she gets a little stir-crazy…  Be sure to check out the updates:

I’m thinking that rather than writing about E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G. has happened, which I don’t think anyone’s attention span could last that long, I’ll share some of my favorite pictures with y’all this weekend…  Stay tuned :)

P.S. I’m interested in potentially reformatting the blog.  Complete with a new banner, more tabs, etc.  If you have any comments, recommendations, or suggestions feel free to leave a comment below or email me!



— Life's a Bowl